Monday, March 28, 2011

New Blog

This blog is to be a new start for my weight loss journey.  As of today I have lost 20 pounds. My all time highest weight was 262 on Jan 3 of this year, which is when I restarted my attempt to lose 100 pounds. I currently weigh 242. I am counting weight watchers (WW) points with an app on my phone and adding in exercise to lose this weight.

I took my measurements today so I can start keeping track of inches lost. I wish I would have done this at the beginning because even though I am down 20 pounds I cannot see any difference. Here are my current measurements:
Neck            15
Left Arm       17
Right Arm     16 1/2
Bust              46
Waist            37
Stomach        47
Hips              52 1/2
Left Thigh      31
Right Thigh    30 1/2
Left Calf        17 1/2
Right Calf      17 1/2