30 By 30

1- Lose 85 pounds total (~53 lbs to go)
2- Run a 5k (3.1 miles, currently can run 2 miles)
3- Have a baby (IVF hopefully the beginning of 2012!)
4- Buy an SUV
5- Pay off all credit card debt (plan to really start focusing on this after our vacation)
6- Join a church and attend regularly
7- Resume playing the piano (my parents brought my piano to my house and I play once in a while now)
8- Join a gym
9- Ride in a hot air balloon
10- Organize all photos into scrapbooks or albums
11- Make banana bread and actually have it turn out
12- Plant a tree
13- Ride a horse
14- Go to a drive thru and pay for the car behind me
15- (Re)Learn Spanish
16- Do 10 "real" push ups (currently can do 1, its a start!)
17- Give up soda (I will only have one on rare occasions, and its always diet)
18- Find a wine I love
19- Learn how to fully use my DSLR camera and take better photos (I've learned a few tricks, but much more left to learn!)
20- Take a dance class
21- Go skiing
22- Get a pedicure 8/3/11
23- Get Lasik eye surgery
24- Learn basic cake decoration
25- Travel out of the United States (probably the most unrealistic of my goals but I am still hoping!)
26- Get my wisdom teeth out
27- Donate blood again
28- Paint our master bathroom
29- Read the entire Harry Potter series
30- Get a Brazilian wax