Thursday, August 11, 2011

Taking it easy

Just another quick update while I am waiting for supper to get ready. I promise I have vacation photos to share later when I have more time!

These past few days I have been taking it easy, easing back into dieting. I've been having a hard time adjusting to working night shift after my vacation and eating whatever I want so I am counting points but not exercising this week. I will start my week over either on Friday or Saturday and resume exercising. I also have been eating a little over my points each day, using up some of my weekly points even though technically I shouldn't have any since the beginning of the week I was on vacation. I started counting points on Tuesday and have used up 26 of my 35 weekly points so far. I don't have my meals planned yet for tomorrow because I need to go shopping, but I am sure I will use up the rest of my weekly points. I will also weigh in again at the end of the week to get back on my usually weigh in day.

Now I am off the finish getting ready for work, only one more night and then I get 6 nights off again! Our State Fair is this week and next so I might have to make one day a free day so I can indulge on some deep fried stuff on a stick, lol.

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