Sunday, October 9, 2011

Starting a new week!

Hello fellow bloggers! Its the start of a new week for me and I know its going to be a good one. I finished up the week pretty good last week, I stayed on plan Tues-Thurs. Fri and Sat I didn't count points due to being out of town and unable to accurately keep track. Friday I still ate pretty well, and Saturday I took as a free day. This week Saturday will be a free day as well, I am going out drinking with friends to celebrate some birthdays :)

One thing I did slack on was exercise. The day I ran/walked last week was my only workout. I was sore for a few days after that and then the past two days I have been too busy. I am getting ready to go to bed so I can work tonight, but I set my alarm early so I can get in a workout before work. I also have my meals planned for the week.

I am also working on increasing my water intake again. I have been drinking diet soda more often than I used to so that is something I need to stop. I have been taking my water bottle to work and I bought some Propel Zero instead of diet soda.

I'm really looking forward to having a better week!

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