Monday, October 10, 2011

Off to a pretty good start!

Sunday went really well! I ended up getting called off work, which can be hard for me diet wise because I tend to do worse when I am not working. I counted my points all day and used 4 of my weekly points. I also got in some exercise. I ran 1.05 miles (15 minutes at 4mph) and walked 15 minutes at 2.8mph. The only thing I didn't do so great on was my water intake.

Today so far I have done some arm exercises with free weights (5 pounds) while catching up on The Biggest Loser. I used to love this show but I am not really feeling it this year so far. The new trainer for the red team is very good looking though so I will stick around for him, lol. I am hoping to get some cardio in before work tonight.  I also have my meals planned out for the day and will have one point left to use by the end of the day.

Now I just need to keep this up!


  1. I am the same way....when I am working I have no problem sticking to a routine with my food....but when I have a day off it takes everything in me to

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