Tuesday, April 19, 2011

30DS Level One Day Two

I fell asleep last night when my husband left for work and slept until 4am this morning. My sleeping habits have been so out of whack lately! This ruined my plans for doing the 30DS last night so I did it this morning. This is only my second day back into this program. I have to say, this workout is tough for me! I have to modify every move that modification is offered and I also modify some of the jumping jacks (shh, don't tell Jillian!). I am able to use 5 lb weights instead of my 3 lb weights for some of the moves (biceps, back, and chest).

I also must confess that the past few days have not been good for me diet wise. I have been stress eating and its not good. After my update yesterday I did good the rest of the night (probably because I fell asleep at 8pm!) but today has been horrible. I am going to try and do decent the rest of the day and start over fresh tomorrow.

I will update in a bit about our trip to the fertility clinic and my new plan/goals.

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