Monday, April 18, 2011

Not as well as I had planned

Yes, another post from me today :)

After our visit at the fertility clinic I had a bit of a slip from my eating plan for the day. I did have 10 points not planned for so I decided I wanted some french fries. I needed something comforting after our appointment. Then my husband bought us both a candy bar, and I couldn't turn that down. I also had a couple servings of reduced fat gardettos. So I used 14 of my weekly points today (once I eat my supper tonight, that is).

I am holding myself accountable though, which is impressive. I was planning on just throwing in the towel for the day and not tracking my points, which is what I tend to do once in a while when I go way overboard. I'll just decide not to track that day so my app won't show that I've gone over. But I decided that I need to be honest with myself and track it all. That's called growth, people! :)  As long as I stay on track the rest of the week I will still be okay.

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