Monday, April 18, 2011


Sorry for all the posts this morning :)

When my husband and I starting trying to lose weight in January, we decided to give ourselves rewards or incentives once we lost certain amounts of weight. I wanted to do them every 10 pounds but my husband thought that would be too easy so we decided on every 15 pounds. We have both hit the 15 pound mark, I got a season of Lost on DVD and he got a PS3 game. The only rule for these incentives is they cannot be food.

I have 7 pounds left until I hit 30 pounds and get my next incentive. I'm not sure what I will get. At 45 pounds lost I hope to get a nice camera bag, so my goal is to hit that before our vacation in August. That is 22 pounds in about 15 weeks, which is a pound and a half a week. Very doable!

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