Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Week 3 done!

Just a quick update before I go to work. This morning when I got home from work I did my last day of week 3 of he C25K. I did the walking intervals at 2.8mph as I usually do, and the running intervals I bumped up to 4.2mph for all of them! I struggled a lot with the last minute but I am thinking part of it is because I didn't eat before I did it and I also didn't eat at work so it had been a while since I had actually eaten. I definitely will make sure to have at least a snack before I workout to fuel my exercise.

I'm planning on starting week 4 on Friday, wish me luck! I'm pretty nervous about two five minute stretches of running and 16 minutes total running (the past two weeks have only been 9 minutes of running).

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