Friday, April 15, 2011

Addicted to the scale

My last post got me thinking about how often I weigh myself. I am fairly certain I am addicted to the scale. It sits in our master bathroom calling out my name. I'd love to say I only weigh myself weekly but I would be lying. Heck, I would be lying if I told you I weigh myself once a day. It seems like any time I am in the bathroom I have to weigh myself. I weigh myself first thing when I wake up (and that it the weight I count for weighing in) but then I will also weigh myself after I exercise and after I go to the bathroom, just to see if there is any change.

I know this is excessive and I need to limit myself to at least once a day max, but its hard! I love seeing the numbers go down, it motivates me to keep up what I have been doing. Seeing the numbers go up makes me mad but also helps motivate me to do better. If I had been thinking of skipping my workout that day or eating a few extra points, seeing the number on the scale might stop me.

I also need to get a new scale. I could step on it five times in a row and get five different numbers. That drives me crazy too! I keep trying until I get two of the same number. I tried replacing the battery but  I think I just need a new one altogether. I think a trip to Target this weekend is in order!


  1. I step on about every other day, in the am, naked after you know what. I would be scared to weight myself after the am. I could gain 3 pounds just by eating and drinking. don't want to see that.

    If it truly keeps you motivated, then stick with it. I would just hate to see the opposite happen. At some point you may hit an adjustment period in your journey and the scale will stick. For me it was 190. My body fought so hard to stay above 190.

  2. Right now I think it is still motivating me because I am losing somewhat regularly. I think once I start to lose less I will need to cut back on how much I weight myself because I think then I will start to get discouraged. I definitely only "trust" the number naked first thing in the morning post-you know what just like you do!