Monday, April 25, 2011

Weigh in and C25K fail

I realized I forgot to weigh in on Saturday. My weight today is back up 0.8 pounds. Considering its my time of the month and I ate horribly all week, I am just glad its not more.

This evening I did day two of the C25K. It was a major fail. I did the warm up and the first half and then had to take an extra 5 minute walking break before I did the second half, and I also had to slow down the second half. All walking was done at 2.8mph. The first 3 minute run and 5 minute run were done at 3.8 mph. Then I did an extra 5 minute walk. The second 3 minute and 5 minute runs were done at 3.6 mph.

I got horrible shin splints after the first two runs which is why I had to take a walking break. I think I might have to do an extra day or two of week 4 before I move on. Today was much more difficult than day one, I wonder why that is? I will probably do day 3 on Thursday morning since I work 12 hour shifts the next few nights.

So far today I am back on track with my diet. I am actually 8 points short for the day but I won't be eating again since I will be at work. I figure that is okay since I ate so poorly this weekend. Tomorrow I have all my meals planned out and will be exactly on track with my points. Hopefully I stick with it all week!

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