Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Success! And then some

Tonight I did day two of week five of the C25K. This week consists of eight minutes running, five minutes walking, and eight minutes running. I did all the walking at 2.8mph as usual. The two runs I did at 3.7mph and I did the whole thing without stopping! And I didn't feel like I was going to die. AND after the five minute cool down walk I decided to throw in another eight minute run just for fun. I did that one at 3.8mph. That is 24 minutes of running total, or 1.5 miles! I am hoping that on Thursday when I have to do 20 minutes straight I can pull it off. I added more walking also to have a total workout of 45 minutes.

Tonight I also made these:

For a bridal shower I am going to. I admit, I did eat one before they were frosted to make sure they tasted okay. Unfrosted they are 6 points, frosted they are 10 points! I had 8 points to spare for the day so I still ended up being two points below my daily limit. I did have a proud moment a little while ago though. I had every intention of having a cupcake after midnight since it was the start of a new day but ended up putting it back. I know I will have one at the shower later and that is plenty! I am slowly starting to show some will power and it feels great!

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