Sunday, May 8, 2011

Time to Confess

This weekend has been awful for my diet. It started Friday night at work when the formula reps came and brought cupcakes. They looked so freaking delicious and I had one. Honestly, I wanted more! Then yesterday I got called off work and went out with the husband to a friend's wedding after party. I was planning on getting back on track today but it being Mother's Day and me not being able to get pregnant has been very difficult. I thought I would be okay since we didn't have to go anywhere but I was holding back tears the majority of the day and the emotional eating was out of control. I really need to work on healthy ways to deal with all this.

I have not exercised since my 20 minute run on Thursday. That is three days not working out, the longest I have gone in a while. I plan to start week 6 of C25K tomorrow and I need to fit in some exercise videos as well. I would exercise tonight but I really feel overstuffed and sluggish since I ate so much today.

I don't even want to know how much I really weigh right now. I weighed myself Saturday morning after I started slipping up and weighed 235.8, which is a .2 gain for the week. The past two days I am sure I have gained more back however. Since I am starting over on Monday, I think I will wait to officially weigh myself until next Monday, to give myself a full week to repair the damage I have done.

I do have a bachelorette party on Saturday however, which will probably cause me trouble as well. I need to make sure to be strict with my points and exercise this week to try to make up for that. I don't think I will be able to make the dinner, but we are doing a party bus and there will be tons of drinking, of course.

I am so ashamed I did so poorly this weekend. I was really hoping to hit 30 pounds lost by next week (232 pounds) but now I doubt that will be possible. I will try not to dwell and just move on in the morning.

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