Sunday, May 1, 2011


Just a little update on the past few days. Friday I did a forth day of C25K week 4. I did the walking at 2.8mph and the running at 3.7 mph. I was able to do it without stopping again although I really wanted to! I think tonight I will move on to week 5. Day one seems pretty painless, three runs at 5 minutes a piece. I may have to repeat day two a couple times before I move on to day 3. It seems like such a jump to go from 5-8 minutes of running at a time to 20 minutes of running!

I didn't end up exercising at all on Thursday (my plan had been to do 30DS and a walk) because I was busy watching my shows on tv (Vampire Diaries and Big Bang Theory) and then chatting with my friends and people online about them, lol. Lamest excuse ever! But they were both sooo good this week.

I also didn't exercise yesterday but it was my day off. I had a wedding and we went out to eat so I decided to take the day off and not count points or exercise (which I ended up not having time to do anyway). Roughly estimating points I used up all my daily points and all my weekly points (which I had saved just for the occasion).  Considering we ate out both meals yesterday, I had a piece of cake, and I had 4 drinks at the wedding, I don't think this was too horrible. It was nice to have a fun day without worrying too much about it. Back on track today though!

I just woke up for the day so I haven't eaten yet. I will probably have some cereal and then head to the grocery store. I will probably end up under my points again today because I will eat supper later and that's it. That should help make up for yesterday a bit.

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