Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another day in the books

Tuesday was a decent day. I drank exactly 80 oz of water. I counted all my points. I did end up going over and using the rest of my weekly points and a couple activity points as well, and I never use those. I definitely need to show more self control when we go out to eat like on Monday. Going overboard that one day is giving me pretty much no room for error the rest of the week.

As far as exercise, I did a new dvd tonight (well, I've had it for a while but its never been opened. Its The Firm Ultimate Fat Burning Workout. Total workout was about 35 minutes not including the cool down. I have to say, it was pretty intense for me! I had a harder time with this than I do with Jillian's dvds. Some of the moves were a bit complicated for me but for the most part I enjoyed the workout and will definitely do it again.

All goals for today met, woot! Now I am just hoping my restaurant binge on Monday doesn't mess up my weight loss for the week.

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