Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting back on track and goals for June

Since Friday when I decided to get back on track I have tracked my points all but two days. I have not exercised besides walking the dog, but once I get supper in the oven tonight I plan to do the Biggest Loser low impact cardio and the strength exercises before work tonight. I have tomorrow's meals planned out so that will mean I only was off two days for the week, which is much better than I have been. Especially considering I usually take one day off a week. My weight back down a little today but I won't officially weigh in until Friday.

We are going camping with my parents this weekend so it will be hard to count points Friday through Sunday. I am just going to try and watch my portions and not overeat the snack foods (that is my weakness while camping, snacking!). My mom always likes to go on walks while we are camping so I will probably be able to get some exercise in as long as the weather is nice.

Since it is the beginning of the month, I think I will come up with some goals for the month.
1- Exercise at least 20 days this month
2- Get below 230 pounds
3- Drink at least 80 oz water daily
4- Resume C25K, even if I have to go back a week or two
5- Track points 5-6 days a week

I am also going to try and update my blog more often. When I have to be held accountable to this blog, I seem to do better. Here's hoping this month is better than last month!

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