Sunday, June 12, 2011

Friday's Weigh In

I've been so busy this weekend I didn't get a chance to post my official weigh in on Friday! My weight was 233.4, for a loss of 3.2 pounds for the week!  Only 1.4 pounds until I hit 30! Its good to be getting back on track. I didn't exercise on Friday though, unfortunately.

Yesterday was spent at the amusement park so tons of walking for my exercise. We are lunch there and I had 2 chicken strips and half of my fries. Then supper was a meal out so I splurged on pasta, but this is what I had saved most of my weekly points for. I wasn't able to really count points due to eating out, but I am going to assume I used up all my points for the day and all my weeklies.

Today I slept way too long and haven't really eaten yet. I need to go get groceries but I am being lazy. I am not sure what I will do for my workout tonight, either Biggest Loser or C25K most likely. My mom got me a dvd of yoga for the neck and shoulders, I am hoping it helps with my headache issues, so I might give that a try tonight as well.

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