Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not as bad as I thought

I decided to weigh myself today to check out the damage. I did weigh myself after my workout, so it is probably off a little, but it was 234.4! That is down 2.2 pounds since last Weds! I don't believe it, and will officially weigh in on Friday but that would be amazing if it is true, that would mean I didn't do as badly this weekend as I thought.

Today I started back with the C25K. I did week 6 day 1 again, I was able to do it all the way through without stopping but it was HARD. I ran at 3.8 mph and walked at 2.8 mph. I also have been counting my points today. I have 10 points left for the day and I think it will stay that way. I am off to work and won't get a chance to eat again until after midnight. I always have a hard time getting all my points in the day before my first night back to work because I eat in the morning and before I go to work and that's it because I am trying to sleep. I have had 40 oz water so far today so I am hoping to get the rest in at work.

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