Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Feeling it!

Boy am I feeling it today! That run yesterday apparently was quite the workout for me. Today I did the Biggest Loser Bootcamp and I could barely make it through the whole workout. But I did! Tomorrow I am hoping to do C25K again, although I might repeat day one of week six until I get used to it again. We will see how I feel tomorrow.

I counted points all day and will have 4 points leftover for the day. I had to leave work early last night due to a migraine and so I didn't eat my lunch at work, which is why I am short. **edit** I counted wrong, I had my meal that I had planned to eat for lunch included. So I actually have 8 points leftover for the day

Yesterday I drank 96 oz of water! I found a water bottle that is 32 oz which makes it easier to get all my water in and easier to keep track.

My weight today was 234.0, which would put me at at 28 pound weight loss so far! Only 4 more pounds and I will be able to say goodbye to the 230s! I still will wait to officially weigh in until Friday, but hopefully it stays the same (or decreases).

Saturday we are going to an amusement park, so I won't be able to count points that day so I think I will use it as a free day. I am going to try and save all my weekly points to try and make up for that

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