Friday, June 24, 2011

Overdid it

I wish I could say I overdid it with exercise or drank too much water, but that's not it. I overate. I ended up falling back asleep last evening after supper (night shift really messes with your sleep schedule) and slept until almost midnight. So not only did I not get my workout in for the night, I ended up eating. I had a couple cookies and some mini candy bars.

I ended up using 10 of my weekly points yesterday. Then today since I am still up I made some comfort food, baked macaroni and cheese, and ate way too much. I've left myself with only 2 points left for Friday, and the day has barely started. I will have to use more weekly points just to eat supper tonight. I think I will plan a light supper to make up for it. I plan to go to bed within the next couple hours so supper is the only meal I should need to eat today, and maybe a snack.

I am worried about how this will affect my weigh in today. I was planning to weigh in when I wake up later, and I still will check my weight, but I might save my official weigh in until Saturday. I really should just accept whatever I get when I wake up as my punishment, but I will have to see.

I have such a hard time staying on plan the nights I don't work. I really need to figure out something that will work for me to keep me on track. I get so bored and eat. There is not a lot to do in the middle of the night when everyone else you know is sleeping!

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