Sunday, June 12, 2011

NSV and a goal met!

Two great things happened today.

First, the non-scale victory (NSV): I bought a diet soda as a treat, my husband and I have given up all soda in the past couple weeks. I took a few drinks and didn't even want it! I used to CRAVE soda and now I can't even finish one. Looks like more water for me :)

Second, the goal met: I am now at a BMI below 40! Granted, its only 39.9 but it still counts! My BMI is down 5.1 points since I started losing weight. Ultimately I want to be below 30 but our infertility doctor wants me to be low 40 for IVF so I am so glad to hit this number. (Although currently my husband and I are considering doing something different, IVF will probably still be in the future once we can afford it).

I also am fitting very comfortably into my size 18 jeans, which were tight when I bought them.

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