Saturday, June 18, 2011

Quick Update and Weigh In

Just a quick update before I head out of town. Yesterday I did week 5 day 2 C25K, walking 2.8 and running 3.9. Its amazing how hard it has been getting back into this! I lost so much just taking those few weeks off. I was able to do the whole thing though though.

I drank 96 oz of water yesterday and the day before. I counted all of my points for both days. I met all my goals for the week except one: losing 2 pounds. My weight was 232.0 for my official weigh in. Its my own fault, I overate the night before the weigh in, probably the worst time to eat poorly! I did stay within my points but I used them all and all of my activity points. So this week was a loss of 1.4 pounds.

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