Sunday, July 17, 2011

C25K Week 8

I started week 8 of C25K today. This week is 28 minutes of running. Considering I ran 30 minutes a couple days ago I figured it would be easy. I struggled with the last 8 minutes though, but I still made it. I ran at 3.8 which is just slightly faster than my last run, and it was pretty hot in our house so I was sweating buckets. I think those two things are part of what made it more difficult. I ran 1.87 miles. I am hoping by the end of the week I can hit the 2 mile mark!

Friday and Saturday I didn't eat well. The weekends are always bad for me. Today, however, I am under my points by a lot. I have 15 points left for the day after I eat supper and I am going to work so I won't be eating again tonight. I only eat two meals at most my first night back to work and usually I make supper a bigger meal that day but tonight I didn't for some reason. I guess it will help make up for the weekend. I will be drinking at least 64 oz of water by the end of the day too.

I work the next 3 nights and then have an 8 night stretch off. I think my goal will be to work on my mindless eating out of boredom during that time. Its easy to stick to the plan when I work because I don't have time to overeat. My days off are where I struggle. I am sick of having to get back on track every week and make up for doing poorly. Wish me luck!!

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