Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weigh In

Sorry I forgot to post my weigh in yesterday. I weighed 231.0, for a loss of 2 pounds for the week. Since June 1, I have lost 5.6 pounds. Not too bad!

My first day of July went well. I drank 72 oz of water for the day. I ate exactly my number of points for the day and the calorie count was 1483 for the day. I even deviated from the plan since we didn't have time to make supper and went to the drive through, and was still able to stay on point.

I did the 30 Day Shred level 1 and C25K week 6 day 1 yesterday as well. I have mapped out all my workouts for the month of July and I am challenging myself to finish C25K and do the 30DS for 30 days straight. I have never made it past level one of the shred so it will be interesting to see how I do.

I did struggle with C25K yesterday though. I think because I haven't done it in a week and since I did it after the 30DS. Maybe on the days I do both I need to do C25K first. Week 6 day 1 is 5 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, 8 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, 5 minutes running.  I did the first run at 4.0mph, the second run at 4.1mph, and the last run at 3.9mph. All walking was done at 2.8mph.

The 30 Day shred level one is pretty tough for me still. It is a 20 minute workout but it is intense for a beginner! I use my 3 and 5 pound weights throughout level one. I only use the 3 pounders for the overhead presses. My shoulders are weak. Everything else I do with the 5 pounds. The bicep curls I could do with more but I don't have anything bigger. I was able to do the majority of the workout without modifications too. I made it through all the jumping jacks, which I usually can't do! The cardio part I struggle with is the jump ropes. I can do one set, but the second set my calves burn too much so I modify them by doing alternating legs rather than both at once. I also have to do the girly push ups.

The husband and I are heading to a wedding out of town today, so I won't be able to count points. I am not sure when I will get my workout in. Right now my husband is sleeping in our living room which is the only room with enough room to exercise in. I might have to exercise after the wedding tonight.

Also, a NSV (non scale victory) - I bought a couple dresses from LB last week for our Vegas vacation and for some weddings we have this summer, and I bought size 14/16 which is the smallest size they make. And they are both slightly loose! Soon I will be able to buy dresses in the regular stores! I do wear a smaller dress size than pants size though, I am in size 18 pant still. I cannot wait until I can buy regular clothes!

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