Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No motivation

The past couple days I have been in a funk! I don't want to exercise and I want to eat everything in sight. I've also been super crabby. Maybe I am PMSing.

Monday I did Level 3 of the 30 Day Shred again but I didn't count my points. Tuesday I didn't have time to exercise because I was out and about all day and I was unable to count points (but I knew ahead of time that I wouldn't be). Today I have counted points (although I will probably go over into my extra points) but haven't exercised yet. I know I need to, so hopefully I can get my lazy ass off the couch and actually do it. I need to do C25K since I haven't done it several days. I don't want to lose my progress!

I should have no problem counting points and staying on track with my diet the rest of the week since I go back to work tomorrow night. When I work I don't do much besides eat and sleep so I have little time to overeat. Since I am working Saturday which is usually my "free" day I will still count points that day and hopefully still meet my goal of tracking for 5 days this week.

I am nervous about weighing in this week. If I see a loss or even stay the same I will be shocked. I am fully anticipating a gain this week and that sucks. I need to get out of this funk!

What do you guys do to get your motivation back or get out of a funk?

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  1. I'm lucky to have a super supportive hubby so if I'm feeling shitty and whining about going out for a walk he actually forces me to. I find that when you're not feeling like excercising but force yourself to/get forced to, the funk goes away quickly once those endorphins hit.